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Auto Insurance
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For greater peace of mind on the road, SAA provides the «All Risks Auto Insurance» with optimum protection of your vehicle to keep it, as long as possible, in perfect condition as new.

This Policy is the most comprehensive solution, it applies particularly in the case of an

« At-Fault Accident », this means that you caused the accident to take place, either through an action of your own, such as accelerating into another vehicle or by failing to take an action, such as by losing control of the vehicle.

 It applies also in case of vandalism such as tags or scratches, an accident with non-identified third party or in case of a collision with a wild animal.

GUARANTEES OF THE OFFERDiscover the guarantees related to this offer

Enjoy comprehensive protection of your vehicle with All Risks insurance.

For safe driving, the All Risks insurance gives you optimal protection to keep your vehicle as new as long as possible.

You will benefit from the following guarantees :

  • Collision with another vehicle, whether it has been identified or not;
  • Impact against a fixed or moving object;
  • A rollover without a collision of the insured car;
  • Damages caused by :

                                                 - High water;

                                                 - Floods;

                                                 - Rockslides;

                                                 - Rock falls;

                                                 - Landslide;

                                                 - Hail.

ADVANTAGES OF THE OFFEROffers that meet your needs
  • A comprehensive policy comprises many options for a full adapted All-Risks Insurance.
  • Clear guarantees that protect you and protect your vehicle in case of accident, theft or breakdown.
  • A close assistance to simplify your life.
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