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Home Assistance Service
Discover the Home Assistance Service

Emergency home troubleshooting is a very interesting option in household insurance policies.

Professionals as plumbers, locksmiths or electricians are likely to charge large sums in case of home troubleshooting; travel expenses, labor, parts and supplies could also represent a particularly heavy financial burden. In order to avoid a heavy bill, because of jimmying a lock after losing keys or unclogging a Drain, all you have to do is to sign a household insurance that helps you forget the daily stress.

GUARANTEES OF THE OFFERDiscover the guarantees related to this offer
Plumbing  Water damage, water leak, bathtub overflow, sink or clogged toilet…


 Entrance door blocked due to loss or breakage of keys, slammed doorway, damaged lock…
Electricity  Interrupted electric power due to failure…
Glaziery  Glass and windows breakage…



ADVANTAGES OF THE OFFEROffers that meet your needs

3 Call-outs / Year/Guarantee

The event

The annual limit

  • Electricity

30.000 DZD/ Call-out

  • Exterior Plumbing

35.000 DZD/ Call-out

  • Interior Plumbing

30.000 DZD/ Call-out

  • Glaziery & Locksmithing

30.000 DZD/ Call-out